A new approach

Small, agile & client dedicated teams that help to grow your brand.

We are a corporate communications company that helps brands with everything from multimedia design to erp solutions. We believe in the power of small teams assembled for the purpose of growing the businesses of our clients

Cutting edge solutions from Specialists

We are specialists
not generalists.

Comark is made up of specialists and not generalists, that way your brand benefits from high quality media strategy, design and everything in between from specialists who work in an environment where specialisation is encouraged.

We will never ignore you.

We respond to queries at lightning speed.

Customer Relationship Management is something we take very seriously. We are one of the few agencies to have an online help desk all in an effort to make life easier for our clients. Raise an issue and we will respond quickly.

Specialist Units & Client Teams

Comark is built on the strength of specialist units and small but agile teams of experts to provide solutions to the challenge that each client faces

Strict Workflow & Task Management

We have well defined project workflow and task management systems in place, to make sure the client reaps maximum benefit from the expertise of our specialist units and client teams

Product functionality Improvement

ERP and Website design Clients can also expect regular updates and improvements to site user interface and function

Ongoing Client Support

Where training and after sales support is needed, We provide comprehensive after sales support including training and setup for up to 30 days after sale.

CreativeThe Comark Approach


Client Brief

At Comark the Creative Brief is the only guide on how a project must be executed until completion. That is why we involve clients in the creation of the brief . Without it the creative team and the client keep running in the dark,hoping to strike gold. Without a brief,the brand will benefit from hit and miss tactics, as resources and time go to waste.



When faced with a challenge, the easy way for most is to assume. Trouble is solutions based on mere assumptions may be impressive but they may not cut deep enough. At Comark we never build solutions based on assumptions. In order to cut deep enough, each solution must be data-driven.



If a solution to a challenge is to be found, focus is important. Getting sidetracked will only lead to a waste of time and resources. With a good brief backed up by data we can produce results only if we focus.

Our Satisfied Clients

Reviews by Clients

The team at Comark has been of immense help in setting up everything from WWM corporate webmail to setting up social media profiles and content. We are very grateful for having worked with such a passionate team.

Chiedza NziraCEO & Founder, WWM

At Comark we found a perfect team to craft and help execute a corporate communications strategy for FMS.

William NdavaFreight Mark Services

Comark Communications helped our organisation with everything from Company Profile design to business forms, They even helped us to identify a suitable web host

Robson GonaCEO, Gentract

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